2009 PI Seminars by Steven C Eggleston, D.C., Attorney at Law
Human Biomechanics of Trauma Institute
PI 2009 - Colossus
PI 2009 - Advanced

Orange County (North)
Ayres Suites (714) 921-8688
22677 Oakcrest Cir. Yorba Linda

San Jose
Clarion Hotel (408) 392-2403
1355 N. Fourth St., San Jose

Los Angeles (LAX)
Holiday Inn  (888) 890-0242
9901 La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Orange County
Holiday Inn (949) 586-5000
25205 La Paz Rd., Laguna Hills
Thurs., Jan. 22
Thurs., Mar. 19
Sat., Feb. 21
8am to 8:45pm
Thurs., Jan. 22
Thurs., Jan. 22
Thurs., Jan. 22
Thurs., Jan. 22
Thurs., Jan. 22
Sat., May 9
9am to 6pm
Thurs., Apr. 23
8am to 8:45pm
Thurs., July 23
9am to 6pm
Sat., Sept 12
8am to 8:45pm
Sat. Oct. 17
9am to 6pm
Using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Impairments, 6th Ed.
Diagnosing the 728.4 Ligament Instability on the Davis Series
Diagnosing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries
Performing a Proper PI New Patient Consultation
Organizing an Appropriate PI Treatment Plan
Cervical Spine Impairments
(AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)
Lumbar Spine Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)
Brain Concussion Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)
4 Hours - Technique for Trauma Cases

12 Hours CE Credit Approved (
California) with 4 hours technique
 BCE Approved #CA-A-09-01-4411    

PI 2009 - Advanced Seminar Syllabus   ($199)

4 Hours - Advanced Narrative Report Writing (maximum effectiveness)
Writing Rebuttal Narratives to Defense Doctor Reports
Thoracic Spine Impairments
(AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)
Peripheral Nerve Impairments
Chronic Pain Impairments
Upper Extremity Impairments
Lower Extremity Impairments
Impairments for Work & Home Disability
Impairments for Activities of Daily Living
4 Hours - Insurance Billing & Reporting
Billing Codes & Techniques for PI Cases
Effective Letters to Combat Med-Pay Denials
Billing the PROPER Codes for your Services

8 Hours CE Credit Approved (
BCE Approved #CA-A-09-01-4412

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